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Synopsis of The Sky Is Green

The Sky Is Green is the story of Jeff Berry (Vince Vaughn), a cutting-edge record producer whose previously underground B-Side Records has suddenly become a wildly successful hip hop label. The time is 1989 and the music scene in LA is booming. B-Side Records has prospered to the extent that Jeff and his partner- the more laid back business wiz -Tommy (Michael Rapaport) have aligned with a bigger company to accommodate the growing success of their artists (Mos Def, Shock G, Fatlip, Madlib).

But success has changed things. His relationships with his best friend, the hilarious, vulnerable, and eccentric Chris (Steve Buscemi), his beautiful and adoring mother Amber (Barbara Hershey) and his artists, especially Carlo (Mos Def), who is having a nervous breakdown, have all reached a turning point. Still, Jeff struggles to hold on to the world he once knew. Confused, he becomes involved with two different, erratic women, the fiery Alicia (Saffron Burrows) and the scheming Mara (Mia Kirshner).

Meanwhile, he disassociates himself with his new partner company when he sees they have no real ear for music, and no respect for artists. He is stunned to realize he has entered a world where no one cares as much as he does, and is determined to stay pure, even as it destroys him financially. Consumed by his struggles, he now finds his love for music has abandoned him, and even haunts him.

The benevolent patriarch he once was and the perfect world he had once created now seem like just an illusion. Desperate to know who he is, he pushes himself toward the final dramatic destruction of his old self. In the end, with the burden of power taken from him, he is able to hear the music again. Having learned a lesson in the quest for total control, he is ready to re-enter life with a new level of maturity, humility and a greater appreciation of freedom.

The Sky Is Green Soundtrack Information

The soundtrack features an incredible cross section of the era’s best music featuring rap chart-toppers D.O.C., Digital Underground, Kool G Rap, Young MC, legendary R&B superstars Earth Wind and Fire, top funk groups Ohio Players and Trouble Funk, and an infusion of original music by J Davis Trio, Mos Def, Shock G, Fatlip, and Madlib.


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