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Written and Directed by: Xan Cassavetes
Producer: Rick Ross & Marshall Persinger
Executive producer: Heidi Lester
Director of Photography: Jeff Cutter
Production Designer: Denise Pizzini
Costume Designer: Lynette Meyer
Line Producer: Patty Long
First Assistant Director: Bob Wagner
Music Supervisor: Orlando Aguillen

Xan Cassavetes
 — Writer-Director

Xan Cassavetes is 36 and lives in Los Angeles. In the early nineties, she formed and fronted legendary hardcore L.A. band, Shrine.

After directing several videos, she quit her band, wrote a screenplay and looking for more directing experience, made the short films Salmon for Three (1999) and Dust (2000) which have both aired extensively on the Independent Film Channel. She will soon begin directing her feature, The Sky Is Green.

Rick Ross  — Producer

Experience as Producer/Music Supervisor

Rick Ross has over 14 years of experience in Film Production & Music Supervision. As Co-owner of Los Angeles-based Record Label Delicious Vinyl since 1988, he dealt directly with all the major film studios on placement of the multi-platinum hits "Wild Thing," "Funky Cold Medina," & "Bust A Move" in films, trailers and soundtracks. In addition, he was in charge of music video production for the label, where he Executive produced over 30 music videos. In 1999, he started a film company, Maja Films, with writer/director Xan Cassavetes. Ms. Cassavetes and Mr. Ross have completed two short films "Salmon For Three" & "Dust" which have been airing extensively on the Independent Film Channel. Mr. Ross is currently producing the feature film "The Sky Is Green."

As Film Producer

The Sky Is Green (2002) - Maja Films
Dust (2000) Short Film - Independent Film Channel
Salmon For Three (1999) Short Film - Independent Film Channel

As Music Video Producer

Calexico - "The Crystal Frontier" Touch & Go
Fatlip - "What's Up Fatlip?" (A documentary by Spike Jonze) - Delicious Vinyl
Queens Of The Stone Age - "The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret" - Interscope
Shrine - "Virgin"/"Sadistic Love" - Malicious Vinyl

Music Supervison & Film Soundtrack Experience

"Wild Thing" by Tone-Loc & "Bust A Move" by Young MC
Universal: "Uncle Buck"
"Underneath The Wheel" by Tim Harrington
Miramax: "Unhook The Stars"
"Domino" by Masters Of Reality
20th Century Fox: "Marked For Death"
Delicious Vinyl: "Cool Hand Loc" by Tone-Loc
Hollywood Pictures: "Encino Man"
Hollywood Records: "Keep On" by The Pharcyde
Paramount Pictures: "Good Burger"
Capitol Records: "Higher Learning" by The Brand New Heavies
Columbia Pictures: "Higher Learning"
"People Get Ready" by The Brand New Heavies
Universal: "Juice"
MCA Records: "I Like It" by The Brand New Heavies
New Line Cinema: "Love Jones"
Sony Music: "Close To You" by The Brand New Heavies
Sony Music: "Tasty" by The Pharcyde
Walt Disney Co.: "The Sixth Man"
Hollywood Records: "More Love" by The Brand New Heavies
Miramax: "Sliding Doors"
Jersey Records: "World Keeps Spinning" by The Brand New Heavies
2Oth Century Fox: "The Truth About Cats and Dogs"
A&M Records: "Bust A Move" by Young MC
Disney: "Max Keeble's Big Move"
Ads & Trailers: "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone-Loc
2Oth Century Fox:
"Don't Say A Word"

Marshall Persinger
 — Producer

Throughout her career in the entertainment business, Marshall Persinger has shown an uncanny talent for attracting and gravitating toward creatively challenging and innovative projects. As president of The Fresh Produce Company since 1996, she has managed this production company as well as produced its slate of unique films ranging from romantic comedies to edgy dramas. At the 1999/2000 Festival du Cannes, she was named one of Variety's Top Ten International Producers To Watch.

Persinger has recently launched Fresh Produce Films, a new alliance with Innovative Film Associates, a Florida based firm. FPF will be producing intelligent and thought-provoking films with varying budget ranges, cultivating the talents of veteran and novice filmmakers. FPF looks for material that is commercial, unique, edgy, innovative, and will utilize proven talent. Persinger and the company oversee script development, attract studio level talent, shepherd newer filmmakers and find financing from a myriad of sources, making the company poised to do studio films, cable films, foreign sales-driven genre pics, and Cannes/Oscar-worthy pictures.

Persinger's most recent successes include: Showtime's "Wild Iris", starring film legend Gena Rowlands and Oscar nominee Laura Linney (both were nominated for Best Actress Emmys, and Laura recently won the award for 2002);"Cherry Falls", directed by Geoffrey Wright and starring Brittany Murphy and Jay Mohr (USA Films), the Polish brothers' "Twin Falls Idaho" (Sony Classics), "Kill the Man" (Blockbuster Films), starring Luke Wilson, Joshua Malina and "Still Breathing" (October Films), the romantic comedy starring Brendan Fraser, Ann Magnuson and Celeste Holm.

Persinger began her entertainment career in New York in 1986 under the mentorship of Academy award-winning producer/director Jonathan Demme. She was production and post supervisor on numerous films including "Married to The Mob" and the widely acclaimed "Miami Blues." In 1990, Persinger worked as the post-production supervisor on Demme's multiple Academy award-winning feature film, "The Silence of the Lambs," before relocating to Los Angeles. She continues a close association with George Armitage, the talented writer/director of such films as Miami Blues and Grosse Pointe Blank.

In Los Angeles, Persinger partnered with Gary Goetzman to co-produce E. Max Frye's social satire, "Amos & Andrew" (Castle Rock), starring Nicolas Cage and Samuel L. Jackson. Later Persinger was production manager on John Singleton's "Higher Learning," the independent film, "A Boy Called Hate" and Fox's "The Great White Hype." She has worked with many other of Hollywood's most interesting filmmakers, talent and their representatives, including Jonathan Demme, Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Bob Thornton, veteran producer Mark Johnson, Daniel Petrie, Sr., The Firm's Eli Selden and Julie Yorn, Sean Penn and Werner Herzog. Persinger has served as creative and line producer on the various projects.

Ms. Persinger is a native of Lookout Mountain, Tennessee and graduated with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications from the University of Virginia. Before beginning her film career, Persinger was Vice President for Blandfield Securities, an investment advisory firm in Manhattan. She now resides in New York.

Heidi Lester
 — Executive Producer

Heidi Lester has spent many years in the independent feature film business, specializing in the acquisition and production of feature films for distribution companies.

Most recently, Heidi was CEO of publicly traded InternetStudios, a web-based global market exchange for the buying and selling of film and television distribution rights.

Her acquisition and production experience includes work with distributors such as Summit Entertainment, the leading independent foreign sales agent with clients such as Cinergi Productions ("Judge Dredd", "Evita"), Mandalay Entertainment ("Sleepy Hollow", "Wild Things", "Seven Years in Tibet"), Artisan Entertainment ("Pi", "Blair Witch Project"), Constantine Films (leading German producer and distributor), and Escape Artist (Steve Tisch, producer of "Forest Gump", "Risky Business" and "Snatch"; and Todd Black and Jason Blumenthal, Mandalay Production Executives) where she was involved with packaging and financing of such theatrical motion pictures as "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas", "Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels", "Bound", "Splendor", "Cruel Intentions", and "American Pie", and setting up key strategic partnerships with Producers and Filmmakers.

Prior to that she was the managing director of the Los Angeles Liaison Office for The Victor Company of Japan (JVC), where she acquired several films for distribution for Japan and set up key strategic relationship with filmmakers such as, Luc Besson, director of "The Professional", "Le Femme Nikita", "The Fifth Element", and "The Messenger"; Robert De Niro's Tribeca; and Ridley Scott's Percy Main. While at Victor, she also financed the films of Jim Jarmusch, which include "Mystery Train", "Night On Earth", and "Dead Man". She also developed the screenplay that was made into "Under Siege II".

Additionally, Heidi acted as agency producer in the early 80's for Weiden and Kennedy, working on awarding winning commercial spots for Honda Scooters, and Nike.

Trade associations include: Board of Directors of AFMA, AFMA co-chair Industry Relations Committee, member AFMA new technologies committee, Advisory Board of Methodfest Film Festival, Executive Board of Other Voices Film Fund, and panel speaker for AFI, IFP, Sundance, and the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

Jeff Cutter
 — Director of Photography

Jeff Cutter's cinematography experience includes second unit work on "Panic Room" and "One Hour Photo", in addition to lensing an extensive number of music videos for first-rank artists and directors. Jeff has also been trusted by many of the advertising industry's top commercial directors to give their work just the right look.

Denise Pizzini
 — Production Designer

Ms. Pizzini has served as production designer on Like Water For Chocolate and Still Breathing.

Lynette Meyer
 — Costume Designer

Nurse Betty, The Shape of Things

Patty Long
 — Line Producer

Searching For Debra Winger, Sol Goode

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